Last year’s was the perfect day (and night !) out 
So looking forward to this one immensely : ]Good people, music and vibes aplenty

Last year’s was the perfect day (and night !) out 

So looking forward to this one immensely : ]
Good people, music and vibes aplenty

Like every other English teenager living within 150 miles of London or Manchester, Chris Duckenfield was significantly affected by the late ’80s acid-house craze. After bopping about at Sheffield’s Jive Turkey parties, Duckenfield bought himself a pair of Technics and began to put together a set. Sheffield’s vibrant illegal party scene at the end of the eighties introduced Chris to a different style of music and DJing altogether; he was hooked.

With a swathe of productions and a label under his belt and a great pedigree as a DJ to match his production skills, we are delighted to have him back in the booth at Subculture, and, as a true brother in arms it’s also very fitting for him to be here again as we celebrate 20 Years of Subculture.

In true gentleman style, as a treat for Harri & Domenic, ahead of his return to the Subbie, he recorded this exclusive 20 years of Subculture mix for your listening pleasure.

If that’s not enough he also pulled together a History Of Acid House mix in Manchester a few years back, it’s proved very popular and if it’s more good music you are looking for this fits the bill pretty accurately:


Tickets to catch Chris alongside Harri & Domenic at Subculture this Saturday the 26th of April, can be purchased from RA & in store and online at Tickets Scotland.


Left to my own devices, I probably would…

A couple of very twisted hours in a delightful pub in Sydney one Sunday afternoon, alongside Peret Mako, Mr Caldwell, Mark Pritchard & the hostess with the B-Side mostest, Lorna Clarkson. 

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